We teach people technical skills through events.

Welcome to Underland.

We love teaching people technical skills and running events, so we created Underland. You can hire us to help you with:

Training workshops

Our 4 or 6 hour hands-on training workshops aim to upskill students on a technical topic. Our different workshops suitable for different members of your team - from complete beginners to those looking for knowledge on the bleeding-edge.

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Event coordination

We specialise in events for developers and other technical folks. Whether it's a conference, hackathon or something else, we can go from being an extra pair of hands to handling all planning, operations, marketing and content.

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When working on projects, we'll always stand by our three core principles: be nice, communicate transparently and always get the job done.

Between us, we've worked for organisations such as the WIRED, IBM, BBC, Goodyear, the Parliamentary Digital Service and the Royal Society for Blind Children. We love a new challenge - so do get in touch! We can't wait to hear from you.